Dates: 11 - 13 November 2014 Venue: InterContinental, Geneva, Switzerland


Day One

Tuesday, 12th November 2013

Separately bookable events

9:00 - 17:00

9:00 - 17:15

CME Group & Advance Trading
Introductory and Intermediate Level Workshops on Price Risk Management

Soft Commodities Seminar

The full day programme is designed for those interested in agricultural price risk management. The course has been updated following feedback form other events and this year will amongst other things offer participants a hands on approach to review merchandising and procurement strategies.
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For the first time at Global Grain Geneva we will be introducing a briefing day covering the coffee, cocoa and sugar markets. Each market will be covered with a short supply and demand presentation followed by an industry roundtable discussion looking at the key issues to each market

For Soft Commodities full agenda click here

14:00 Registration for Global Grain Geneva 2013
14:00 - 18:00 Exhibition open
18:00 - 20:00 Champagne cocktail reception

Day Two

wednesday, 13th November 2013

8:30 Registration and Breakfast
9:00 Chairman's opening remarks
Jonathan Grange
, Broker, Vicorus

Unique world grain outlook
Featuring original, current research from leading grain and oilseed trader experts from the five key grain origination regions of the Black Sea, North American, European Union, South American and Australian markets. The opening session will provide in-depth analysis of the global supply outlook covering all price drivers and forecasts in the coming year, providing you with unbeatable trader perspective information to take away.

The assumptions and forecasts of the five experts will be tested and challenged by moderator: Sterling Liddell, V.P. Food and Agribusiness Research, Rabobank

Dave Hightower , President, The Hightower Report

Christelle Tailhardat, Trader, Granit Negoce 

Thorsten Thiedmann,
Executive General Manager - Global Trade, Toepfer

Brandon Scott Crozier,
CEO, Nidera Brazil

Sean Cowman, Regional Marketing Manager - Middle East & Africa, CBH Group

10:45 Coffee and Networking sponsored by
11:30 Unique world grain outlook continued
13:00 Lunch sponsored by
14:30 How will China drive agribusiness?
  • The perspective of China seen from global markets
  • The dynamic from inside a civilisation-state
  • A path to a new way for grain exporters
Alain Butler, Senior Advisor Soft Commodities, BNP Paribas
15:15 The future of grain in Libya: Analysing the opportunities and challenges associated with this
With Libya almost entirely dependent on wheat imports due to its large consumption per capita it is an important market for grain imports from the black sea and other key producing regions. With the current government making feeding the people a priority imports are likely to increase. This presentation will give the audience an introduction to some of the opportunities as well as the challenges with exporting grain to Libya
Dr. Naser Gadad, CEO, Al Sahl Holding Group, Animal Feed
16:00 Coffee and networking sponsored by
16:30 Risk management panel: What strategies can producers, traders and buyers use to reduce risk?
  • What are the latest developments in risk management techniques?
  • What challenges do agribusiness and food companies face when procuring commodities?
  • How are traders managing risk during times of volatility?
  • What type of risk transfer solutions are available to cover the entire agribusiness supply chain?
Moderator: Graham Trask, Managing Director, Fixed Income, Currencies & Commodities, Macquarie Bank
Bernard Belk, Global Head Food & Agriculture, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions
Kim Benni, Head of Risk Management, Vivescia
Paul Dubravec, Vice-President/Commodity Merchandising Risk Management, Advance Trading
Ivan O’Toole, Managing Director Europe, Just Commodity

17:15 Ocean freight: Dry Bulk freight market fundamentals
  • Reduction of capacity and saving fuel costs
  • How are freight firms adapting strategy to cope with a tough environment?
  • Have things begun to improve in the last 12 months?
Peter Kerr-Dineen, Chairman, Howe Robinson
17:45 Close of conference followed by champagne cocktail reception

Day Three

thursday, 14th November 2013

8:30 Registration
9:15 Macroeconomic Uncertainty and Managed Futures

Giles Korzenecki
, Senior Vice-President Diversified Commodities, ABN AMRO Clearing , The Matthews Group
10:00 Assessing the continued impact of high frequency trading on grain markets
  • Analysing the continued levels of volatility of international grain markets
  • How is the changing regulatory environment impacting this space?
  • Considering the ethics and profitability of land investment: What are the key considerations for investors
  • Will more investment banks exit agricultural trading: Is this an ethical decision or is it strategy
Moderator: David Watts, General Manager of Desktops, EMEA, Interactive Data
Martin Davies, Head of Farmland Investments, Insight Investment
Steve Jesse
, Head of Agriculture – Europe and Americas, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Andrew Abraham
, Principal, Abraham Investment Management
10:45 Coffee and Networking sponsored by
11:15 Report on major issues, crop quality and implications of compliance and certification

Sherif Fakhry
, Agricultural Services Manager, SGS Egypt 
11:45 Software innovations: Analysing the path towards paperless trading
Software is gaining increasing acceptance in the commodity trading world. Earlier this year, Cargill made its first grain shipment using an electronic Bill of Lading. Information and Communication Technologies are set to impact all aspects of the trade, including carriage, logistics, financing, certification and risk management. Drawing on experts in various aspects of the trade, this panel will examine the opportunities, challenges and risks involved in a paperless trading environment. 
Moderator: Siavosh Arasteh, Co-Founder & Director, Agflow
Richard Faint
, Managing Director, Charter Wise Ltd
Brian Collins
, CEO, Brady Physicals
Alexander Goulandris
, CEO and Executive Director, Electronic Shipping Solutions
Gilles Chevron,
Senior Consultant, Gassen Consulting 
12:30 Close of conference day followed by champagne cocktail reception sponsored by

Soft Commodities Seminar (SepArately bookable)

Tuesday, 12th NOVEMBER 2013

8:45 Registration and breakfast
9:15 Opening remarks
9:30 Macro-overview: Analysing the key economic drivers for soft commodity markets 
  • The key producers, consumers, traders and off-takers
  • Can West Africa transform its dominance of cocoa production into a world-class processing sector?
  • How long will certified and speciality coffee beans retain a margin over conventional coffee?
  • How will transformation of Nigeria’s sugar sector affect global sugar flows, notably of Brazilian exports to SSA?
  • How has the volatility of soft commodity prices been affected by the global slump?
  • Key opportunities for investment in the cocoa, coffee and sugar sectors 
Edward George , Head of Soft Commodities Research, Ecobank
10:30 World coffee supply and demand outlookfor 2013/14
  • Analysing changing dynamics; particularly the move away from Arabica to Braziliannatural
  • Arabica and how this impacts pricing for consumers
  • With the price now below the cost of production and farmers starting to rebel, will government aid and intervention improve the situation?
  • What could be the impact on production if prices continue to fall?
  • What impact is a weakening Real having on the Brazilian coffee market?
  • To what extent have infrastructure issues impacted coffee exports from Brazil andf other key markets
Judith Ganes-Chase , President & CEO, J. Ganes Consulting
Steve Wateridge, Managing Partner, Tropical Research Services
Andrea Thompson
, Head of research and analysis, CoffeeNetwork
11:30 Coffee & Networking
12:15 World sugar supply and demand outlook for 2013/14
  • What are projections for world sugar prices in 2014 and beyond?
  • Is there still a surplus? Is this being reflected in pricing?
  • Focus on Brazil: With the industry having lost government support how will producers deal with a fall in pricing?
  • Analysing the pricing dynamic between ethanol and sugar in Brazil
  • How are production costs changing and how much is this impacting prices globally?
  • A look at other key markets, particularly India
Toby Cohen , Director, Czarnikow
David Brough , Senior Correspondent, Thomson Reuters
Samer Darwiche
, Sugar Trader, Nafora S.A.
13:15 Lunch
14:45 World cocoa supply and demand outlook for 2013/14
  • Analysing the global outlook for cocoa as the industry experiences consolidation
  • Is slow economic growth denting demand?
  • What new markets for production are opening up?
  • With Cote d'Ivoire looking more stable, will high levels of production in traditional cocoa regions combined with growth in areas such as South-East Asia lead to a surplus in supply?
  • Analysing structural reforms for cocoa in Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana
Euan Mann, Founder, Complete Commodity Solutions Ltd
Steve Wateridge
, Managing Partner, Tropical Research Services
Raymond Beimers
, Head of Agri Commodities Amsterdam, ABN AMRO Bank
15:45 Coffee and Networking
16:30 Concluding remarks: How intertwined are soft commodity markets?
  • To what extent are coffee, cocoa, sugar and grains impacted by each other?
  • What is the outlook for Softs vs. Other commodity markets?
  • Analysis of the impact of recent weather patterns
  • Comparing the effect of speculation on soft commodities
  • Predictions for the next 5 years
Kona Haque , Agricultural Commodities Research, Macquarie Bank Limited
17:15 Close of seminar followed by Global Grain Geneva champagne cocktail reception


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